"Lost and Found"

a poem by Thoughtmonger Varun, Nepal - poetry writer, author, poet

What’s wrong with all of us men in this world
We’re complete idiots you know?

Why does stupidity have to strike first,
and enlightenment then burst
Not realizing what we have till it’s gone
Until that beautiful thing from us withdrawn
Gone with the wind, flew like the bird
The fading picture and last goodbye I heard
Those memories still inside my mind
The thing we do a beautiful kind
Two Universe in unity we bind
All those places together we dined
Everything fine,
and the graphic visuals perfectly aligned.

I remember the time you’d pick me up,
in your Porsche and Bentley
Would open the door for me so gently
Loved me with those intentions intently
And I loved you back more immensely.

We flew across the world and walked those street
Every evening back to our crib; we retreat
Wvery morning I’d receive a beautiful greet
While Sipping my tea, you’re my delicious treat.

And off to swim in the oceans and we dived deep
We’d make promises and always keep
Jumped at the unknown but we looked before we leap
Every night I gave you that hug before you sleep.

We’ve been through worse weather
But what broke us was the weight of a feather
I wish we could be once again together
Cause you and me, we do look better
The time to say goodbye so I write you this letter
And wrap my love in this rock on leather
For you are my Harley Quinn
And I am your flame on twin
Ain’t leaving your shadow through thick and thin
Even if life goes through roller coaster spin
And this is who I am, this is my original skin
Someone who I’ve always been.

Anyways, I’ma head back where I came from
The cool misty mountain and khukuri rum.
I have to go convert that slum
While trying not to become those scum
And in the end, do come visit around
For this is yours, Lost and Found.

(This is a song I made, please check it out in soundcloud if you wish to)

LINK--> : https://bit.ly/2vmFOSj

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