a poem by P Ive, USA

She is lost in the desert of emotion
The mirage of the oasis too many times
Absence has made her want the water less
Resent for the lie of the palms shade

He waits for her in the cool reeds
Plucks dates for her and weaves a soft bed
The desert is uncaring for his despair
And tries to lead her away

He would leave the cool haven
To find her and lead her to rescue
But she would deny him, another mirage
And he would loose his way

And wander as she does without and alone
Disdain for hope of refuge
Here is no mirage but a refuge from heat
The oasis is a prison without love

He calls to her in the waning moonlight
As she passes near on the dry desert sands
Come relax by the water and wash your tired feet
Before you wander once more

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