a poem by Franklyn Orode, Nigeria

Scattered pieces of castrated promises
Adoring landscapes of flawless deceits
Lies are the pomades soothing your skin
Stings from kisses deadlier than a scorpion
And your tongue - the grave diggers shovel
Burying me deep in your menacing spell

I've been so sick from your repeated jabs
Tall temperatures defying new medicines
Beautified this land with a garden of regrets
Hitherto I climb up to your loveless plateaus
Craving to sip from your warm septic springs
Cuckolded by the scent of your forbidden spices

I should have run fast after the earliest cockcrow
And permit these irate tears to flow up my brow
Watched you burn down all bridges to your heart
The wounds from dead years, still fresh and intact
Hoping youll return when your gods are asleep
Plunged my foolish pains into times watery deep

Dear Maria, you are cruel than the devils hype man
Your season I have missed like a year without rain
When next it does come, that beautiful thing,
At my broken door, knocking,
Damaged from your wrecking
Where do I begin to find the lost keys?
To get a healing from this desperate disease?

Sleeping Dreams

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