Susan Haskin was a faery teacher

a poem by Lady Shaula Salathe, Australia - poetry writer, author, poet

Susan Haskin was a faery teacher.
I know.
For I was her first pupil.
She would turn me into a doll
that would laugh and tilt its head
when its arms were moved so
And she taught me songs that
Only faeries could have taught her
For they tickled me inside like silver light.
I could pass the day happily
with a lesson on how to move
Just one little thumb.

But people were suspecting things.

There was her faery laughter, of course.
Impossible to disguise, and so obvious
to anyone who was listening for faery bells.
But people don't see what's
right in front of them,
So Susan's secret was safe.

It came as no surprise to me
That she made herself bigger
To try to keep her feet on the ground.
They WOULD keep drifting upwards.

So it should have come to me
as no surprise
when she suddenly

And it is said often in my classroom
That there is something of my music
That is not quite
Of this world
And I smile
And listen for faery bells.
Susan Haskin was a faery teacher.
I know.
For I was her first pupil.

[circa 1988]

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