Her Iniquity

a poem by Lanre Samuel, Nigeria

O lover of iniquity,
Blinded by an artificial woman,
Whose deceit has been covered
By rubble of coal.

In this dark cage of lies,
I am dangerously trapped inside.
Thrust me with deception,
My sanity I try to hide.

By the chains of deceit I suffocate,
Drown in a darkness of deep despair
Believing the lies I hear.

Soon to be blinded by the tears of lies,
I got so weary of this sham.
Hoping to believe beyond the pain.

She beckons me, should I give in?
I am frightened knowing
There is more to pierce me.
I stand on the edge of
Embracing my fate.

The dawn of her doom is near,
I sink into the imagination
That takes me away from
The hassles of this world.

Haunt her across a fiery road to hell,
Spread the darkness through
My ebony shell.

Saw her ghost in the fog,
Until forever ends
I say a prayer to her soul.

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