HAPPY BIRTHDAY VOICESNET - My Dream for Tomorrow - Denis’s February 2020 Challenge

a poem by Adam Archer, Australia

Happy Birthday dear VoicesNet, I see
Thou art eighteen; still a youthful progeny,
To me, you are more than a friend, simply
A boon companion of mine and mortals, many:

These are the stories, the makings that we
May travel the high seven or the one sea,
Cross continental, some bordered boundary
Collectively a part of history:

Vaulting through one to the next poesy
Much is learned from its writers, aplenty,
Where are formed the proclamations, daily
While coursing through our veins, the poetry:

Lo' the storyteller whose allegory
Shoulders another's burdens; shares bliss, glee,
From birthing, to our petered friends, sadly
Finds comfort in other’s urbanity:

Through outer hyperbole sounds, binaurally,
To the inner monologuing narratee,
Some tales told are tales written manner broody
By the plaintive word shows vulnerability:

Within strict metre or versing freely
Shared in amiable prose, blithely,
So too amass ‘fidus Achates’, we
Witness the forging scores of amity:

In the blessed stanza of comity
We see love stories grow, and landscapes arty
To wit beckons this place for at which to be
To read scores of chronicles - a shared journey:

Withal Gods and cultures of thy country
We learn to respect the diversity,
As philosophers who pen their sovereignty
Allows for the expression constancy:

However long passed our friend, Mr Humphrey
We dedicate and write kindly of he,
I, thankful and long to give back to thee
Solemn words for I am blessed with speech free:

Through errant seasons such vicissitudes be
Please accept these five stars from this Aussie!

© Adam Archer 2020

My dream for the future of VoicesNet, as a community, is longevity, and too for its occupiers; those in absentia and those present. May it duly prosper and continue to connect people throughout the globe.

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