Resigned Tears

a poem by Nadezhda Aleksandrovna Montik, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

The pale resemblance of a weary smile,
Curves slightly upward on a cracked facade,
Mimicking the motions expected of her,
A broken soul reminds her she is a fraud.

A laugh staled from too much practice falls,
It's been a long time since she felt afraid.
No energy to care about falling apart,
She is exhausted from the masquerade.

The darkness taunts her from within,
Trapped in a prison of walls she’s built,
Not knowing how to call for help,
Succumbed to helplessly watch her world tilt.

Loneliness clouds her trembling heart and
Strength seeps out from unseen scars,
 She aches for the days when hope was as easy
as whispered wishes made on shooting stars.

She doesn’t recognize the person in the mirror,
Resigned sadness painted onto hazel eyes,
Unnoticed and alone amongst her friends,
She is lost behind her cheerful guise.

Screaming tears that plead for help
Dance down her pale face at night,
And another piece of her heart fractures
Knowing the mask comes back in daylight.

With each struggled gasp for breath,
A silent prayer repeats its lonely plea;
Her pitiful and selfish request of God,
To take her heart beat and set her free.

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