"Checkmate Fate"

a poem by Thoughtmonger Varun, Nepal - poetry writer, author, poet

No matter how much I deny
the destiny of fate
Destiny has proved otherwise
till-this date
Like a rebel of freedom, chained
in this state
As if soldier before his master
but in heaven’s gate

I notice how destiny design
moves me like a chess
Chaos between mind and heart
like we’re playing dress
Cut-throat mind and caring heart
who am I? I constantly guess
Am I good or supposedly evil?
Questions~ I put myself to stress

To push me in my track
destiny always intervenes
I see myself in this board game
no more than some figurines
Every loving distraction of mine
are blown away to smithereens
Acted upon through my own hands

Is my will your path or your plan my will
for surely, I am here to serve
That must’ve been your original intention
when you integrated my first nerve
You hoped all that you’ve created
will become my duty to preserve
To have been chosen as your soldier
is an honor only few may deserve

I am being equipped with an Arsenal
of various heavenly resource
From those trustable infantry
to whom I can recourse
To those heavenly thoughts
in oratory version I discourse
At each milestone; checkered
I detour like a chess-horse

In this unforeseen game of life
so much life is at stake
Either I see them as a friend
all the others as a snake
My unacceptance to agree to disagree
is my largest mistake
And I worry If I stay dogmatic
the Universe will forsake

Luckily! I am going strong
At my originally intended pace
Undeterred and forgiven at times
for having touched important base
I achieve the task which is a step closer
to reach my ultimate place
A position to serve humanity and
illuminate mind horizon space

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