a poem by Adam Archer, Australia

A bevy of paper swan
Aligned atop the dresser
By procession liaison;
Occasioned by my daughter:

The spatial relationship
Between each waning swan
A harmonious kinship;
Adept hand paragon:

An amalgam of faunae
Where animate papers queue,
All nested creatures there splay
As if sidled there and grew:

A tribe of goats pasture near,
Herded kine pepper farms too,
A stare of owls sat by where
Leaps a troop of kangaroo:

A collage of avian
Sails benignly opposite
Where a stand of trees burgeon
Passed the meadow lands that jut:

A susurrate wetland courses
Rhythmic shallows of action,
An agistment stud of horses
Graze by the rill compaction:

Here, a drift of dandelion,
There, a flight of butterfly soars
By the breezy currents, stun;
Paper sculptures by the scores:

Menagerie origami -
Folded manner made precise,
‘Tis this very perfection
She thence repeats throughout life:

Living fauna did gravitate
Wherefrom she sprightly begun
A zoophilist child, innate
Whose animal hearts’ she’d won:

Child had patent her own ways
As animal whisperer she,
Known since her early salad days
A vet she would therefore be!

© Adam Archer 2020

* Utilising Collective Nouns for groups of animals

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