Covid 19.

a poem by Mark Ainslie, UK

Covid 19.

What on earth has taken place.
Man made virus or from outer space,
Never seen governments react like this,
Overwhelming worldwide dread now exhists.

It feels like nuclear bomb has dropped,
Normality and comprehension stopped.
So many people in complete distress,
How has our planet got in this mess.

Are we being told lies straight to our face
Is something more sinister taking place.
Do world leaders know what's going on,
Has chemical research perhaps gone wrong.

Some people just can't help themselves,
Taking all they can from supermarket shelves.
Driven by the fear of what might lie ahead,
Rational behavior would be better instead.

The situation can't be underestimated,
With some of mankind being decimated.
Don't know when all this is going to finish,
Hope and pray this virus will soon diminish.

©Mark Ainslie 2020.


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