The fight against corona virus

a poem by Nandhithaa Shailaysh Shanbbhag, India

Streets are deserted, malls and theatres have shut down
Fear is in the air, the corona monster has come to town

Now my best friend refuses to shake my hand
People glare if I say I had visited a foreign land

If I sneeze, it seems like a heinous crime
If I cough, I am looked at with suspicion sublime

I have washed my hands till I can see the bone
I have spent all day browsing updates on my phone

My hubby is working from home, it's a real pain
He demands tea and snacks, time and again

The schools have shut down everywhere
Kids are stuck indoors, I am ready to tear out my hair

I use my feet and elbows for opening doors
I use disinfectant like water to mop up my floors

But, jokes apart, we can win this fight with timely care
Travel less, keep a distance, avoid crowds and be aware

Wash hands often, don' t touch your eyes and face
Disinfect surfaces, keep a tissue handy always

Isolate yourself if you feel ill, safety of others to ensure
If we act responsibly, we can make covid-19 'Quit India' for sure

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