a poem by Adam Archer, Australia

To each global inhabitant, a soldier -
Poleaxed by an invisible enemy,
Alas tasked with new norms of freedoms that were
Since wrathful Nature hadst striketh stealthily,
Thrust all into quarantine; our genic plea
Which impact wouldst to our age sooner deny,
Plotting, and conscripts all living beings, She
Set forth an airburst we wouldst sooner decry
Shoudst the wiser or denser thus falter, hereby.

When kindness intent is the newest order
Mourn not the past succumb to this new tarnish,
Instead, battle this unsure war, together,
By blur, ours shalt not socially admonish.
Hereon, mortal practice, our own mettle wish -
Said impactor infects not our bravery,
Still, raids the human biology, thievish
Now money and gold hold no real valued fee –
Not time - but kindness, becomes the new currency.

© Adam Archer 2020

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