Do You Remember My Name?

a poem by Claudia McGrory, UK - poetry writer, author, poet

Do you remember my name?
I fell for you when first we met
And believed you when you said “me too”
I could not be happier to hear that anew

You were the reason for me to take a risk
The reason for me to trust again,
The reason that warmed my stone-cold, injured heart
And allow myself to be wanted again

I hoped my trust would not be misplaced
I prayed that I would not be led astray,
And hoped I wouldn’t feel the old pain again
Damaged are the souls that just cannot let go

When you say you love me too,
So badly do I want to believe in you
But you see, words are only just that
Action is the proof that I need and want
And yet I feel like a nothing,
Because nothing is being done
And yet I feel so insignificant,
Because an afterthought is just that

What is my purpose without someone by my side?
How do I feel love, when I receive less than none?
I feel once more my heart is breaking
And my whole being is hurt, forgotten and aching

My soul is being drained of life
I cannot see a future bright
I don’t deserve to feel alone in life
So, I close my sad and tear-soaked eyes
And lay back and hope to die…

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