Hello Mam, did you teach us the right?

a poem by Ashay Giridhar Shanbhag, India

Walking across the barren land,
Felt dry the soil to my hand,
Early days used to storm this iconic river,
Treated today as tragic little sewer.

Extended drought sessions are a routine,
Floods in winters, everyone has seen!!
Cities break a century old temperature record,
Such damage lashed by the rain lords…

Animals run helter-skelter in this trance,
Failing to fathom the climate imbalance,
Many fail to survive the nature’s wrath,
Others give up and this melts my heart!!

Fuel emissions, Concrete constructions,
Crave for civilization to an ozone layer depletion,
Antarctica used to freeze now it melts,
Is in danger the entire costal belt.

Childhood Memory of my science teacher hits me,
“This is evaporation and rains. you see”
Climate change is taking destruction to an all-new height,
Cant but ask, “Hello Mam, did you teach us the right?”

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