Corona's Story

a poem by NILANJANA HALDAR, India

I don’t understand why you shun me
I simply want to be loved
Won’t you embrace me to your lungs
So that this process cannot be disturbed

I tried several lungs and I loved them
Such beautiful people they are, I wish them well
Their lungs did stop working soon though
I really thought that in these lungs I could forever dwell

I heard a sound through the bronchi state,
“He is dead, call his family!”I heard and it hurt very much
Besides, many of the lungs lost their flavours and colour,
And I was forced to abandon, with nothing living to clutch

Many others I am residing inside now,
Their lungs as delightful as those of the dead,
I wished these people well and whispered them to cuddle me,
But soon these lungs’ troups I was forced to dread

They fought me out, tried to kill me, pushed me away
And I succumbed in silence, deciding I needed to run,
I didn’t understand why the people I genuinely loved,
Either died or soon lost all their body-fun.

I was either chased or forced to abandon,
But I really don’t understand why I am hated so much,
I genuinely wished these humans were alive and loved me too,
I wonder! Don’t these humans desire my touch?!

—Written by Nilanjana Haldar

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