The Wonder Of Life .

a poem by Edwin Keith Jepson, UK - poetry writer, author, poet

There's people all over the world
helping others through their strife
They never seek attention
and that's the 'Wonder Of Life ',
Most of them go unnoticed
though they're wonderful and kind
But people who really know them
are forever on their mind
Maybe they are famous ,what difference would that make in life ,
They are simply helping others ,
and that's 'The Wonder Of Life ',
Adversity can be a problem
Though there are people who really care
Willing to help one another
and that in life we all share
Many great deeds are done ,helping people in their strife,
To me that is 'Reality ',
And 'That's The Wonder Of Life '.

Author Edwin Jepson
March 27th 2020 .

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