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a poem by Danny Coon, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

I want very much to thank the awesome Groups that have not removed me - This is to the Witches in Particular "O Bisque Tolerance & Shadow" -- I'm probably not the Easiest thing to have in your Groups


To Suzanne Coon - I Love You Cuz - but, I got to post this on the Wall - danny

Unpolished ~~~

Thankyou Suzie - I write this to you strait off my Fingertips -

Ive gotten kicked out of almost as many Groups as I've Joined - But! ??? - It was only for Speaking - When I Coon Well me up some Real Magic - The Community Allows it but all the Witch Groups are Really iffy - but then most just kicked me from group -

I don't know how or why but I Scare the Hell out of the Devils - Mostly when I show them that they are No Different than Angels - The Devils are Chicken Terrified of that they might really be Angel's but the Angel's are all Cooing CooCoo at how bad they wanna be Devils -

Even GOD is Laughing at Me because of how Funny it is when I'm just baffled at how Mysterious and Strange GOD ' s Strange and Mysterious Ways Really are -

The only Reason I can even Try to Understand this Twilight Zone in Congergation and in Coven is that I am Retardedly Simple and that is All I Need to be, to be danny

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