The Waiting Game

a poem by Betty Janko, USA

I can’t browse thru the grocery store to shop
To squeeze the produce, and visit, and stop
With neighbors, tell stories with a full cart
Showing my bargains, brag “I am so smart!”

Now I make my list, computer in hand
Scour needed items all o’er the land
Use home delivery, mustn’t go out
But getting all items, always in doubt!

Found milk and bread, toilet paper NO GO,
Produce and meat, grab whenever they show
Just pray when the bags show up at my door
I’ll have every item, could I ask more?

The one thing I longed for never appears
A chocolate cake, and that brings me to tears!

* With lots of work and extra money I can feed my body…but sometimes you need to feed your soul!
(It seems everyone is hoarding chocolate too.)

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