These times

a poem by Charles Fisher, UK

Cut down the people, death
Doesn't give up its scythe for lent

Police ticket for a bottle of wine,
Outside the supermarket store
She handed fifty pounds over,
The fine impose by the government
She should have bought a loaf and milk
Fifty pounds she didn't have to pay;
In her car she drove away;
Fifty pounds extra out of pocket to day

Joggers keep well apart.
Apartments with pets and their owners
The pets are happy to be with their owners;
A wee change for solo isolation for the pets.
Birds land and settle on house -roof!
There is no living proof in seeing bread crumbs:
Of proof in the gardens that line the streets
An ambulance meets a patient,
Who has difficult in breathing,
The patients lungs find it hard,
To believe in the air that we all take granted
So sad in sunshine first summer day
A wee prayer: for those who have took I'll,
God look after them all, and their loved ones
Hope scientists make pill
Life goes on,
A cat outside walks along,
The outside window sill
Stop, and lay down, catching
The sunshine heat

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