Wash and pray till Convid 19 decays

a poem by Seyi Dekol Adekoya, Nigeria

Wash and pray till Convid 19 decays

Before the Marriage of twin decades (2020)emerged
Long before the Spanish flu grew&blew out to 50 million faces
In different phases&different places out of the World’s plate
Is History late or late again to repeat his name
Greed reigns as King while lustful lust, his son reigns as prince
On the busy streets are succulent fruits of materialism men seek

Of course to them good health &wealth is all you need
Surely distress is of no interest when we feel our breath will never cease
With the best technology&healthcare within reach available for those stinky rich

Is Pride is the best dress for every Leader/Celebrity to dress to impress
And to suppress the oppressed with little or no indepth
Till Corona brought her basket of grief
Not caring what gender, class, status , creed

Even some healthy frames have consumed this evil fruit of grief
And barely survived till they cried to the one that never sleeps
Who gave rest and peace

Today ,Convid 19 has united black ,white ,coloured face in fate
They should have faith that discouraged frames will not fade
20799 deteriorating frames slain by Convid 19
So many hypothesis ,claims many confused doctors cannot explain

Now the high&mighty are meek and lame
All calling Jesus name night and day
The solution lies in 2 chronicles 7:14 to devour the plague
Which will die and never to rise again
Let us wash and pray till Convid 19 decays

Written by Seyidekol2020

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