a poem by Moses Michael N, Nigeria - poetry writer, author, poet

I have a vision and a mission,
An afterglow of something amazing,
Boom, life is a tour,
Like the love of my life,
Her beauty and smiles can’t be hidden,
So is the dream,
So is the call.

You alter my bohemian rhapsody,
My vision and mission,
The grace of God to me,
The manna that I feed to the hungry,
The peace I share to the shattered soul,
A hope that frees even the captive,
I live, yet not I,
But He, the giver of life in me.

The vision is clear,
And the mission simple,
The ancient path of truth,
To share to the soul oppressed,
A burning flame,
That ascends to the skies up above,
A light that expels,
Even the thickest of darkness,
I am that noble man,
On a mission and vision,
Of hope, and to scatter smiles abroad.

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