The Nightingales of Berkeley Square

a poem by tobias kerins, UK

A new dawn has broken, the world has changed
Routine for all, was rearranged
A pandemic was called, all hands on deck
This ship can't sink, there'll be no shipwreck

It all depended, on cooperation
By all the people, across the nation
We must pull together, no room for weak links
No breaks in the armour, unwanted chinks

A disease which should, and will be defeated
Vaccine found, and people treated
Hope is not lost, maintain the dream
Provided we all, act as a team

Scientists urge, politicians warn
The enemy's here, with daggers drawn
Doctors plead, the nurses pray
Listen to what, the medics say

Equipment is scarce, as the virus rages
A fast advance, through the stages
The battle is on, more people fall ill
Down the back of the spine, it surges a chill

Various sectors, of everyday trade
They come together, are on parade
All skills are pooled, to help win through
Attitude clear, it was can-do

With breakneck speed, they built and designed
Where all medication, could be combined
A monster project, built at pace
For the NHS, this was the face

In that famous square, those birds that sang
Took flight and settled, in locations sprang
In cities across, this country wide
To help save lives, they tried and tried

The Nightingale Hospital, after Florence it was called
Across our country, was quickly installed
The people that work there, or other institute
Are to whom we defer, indeed salute

Pay homage or respect, doff a cap or bow
If you will shed a tear, express a wow
Never forget, to their memory cling
As the Nightingales again, in Berkely Square sing

This is not a Rehearsal!
The Maltese Falcon Vol IX
And tell yourself, what did you learn

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