a poem by Adam Archer, Australia

Lest we forget the founding father of this literary place;
Committed to task we shalt hereby remain with thy blessing
For thou hast us stroll upon the path thou before us hast paved.

Thou wast a thoroughgoing futurist with forethought for others
With visions preserved here as a mainstay for the written word
And preached a ‘better together’ than divided approach.

In matters of one’s birth and passing date, ‘tis the ‘en dash’ –
One’s period of activity through life during these two dates –
That is the ultimate test of human resilience and recall.

As thy parchment awaits to be adorned with thy versed words
We shalt enjoy thy past offerings in absence of thee;
I trust that what thou findeth scribed here is within thy vision’s keep.

© Adam Archer 2020

Rest JJ.

Mr Jeffrey Humphrey
November 13, 1959 - April 6, 2018

*A quadruple Sijo.

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