Green Teacher

a poem by Samvedna Sharma, India

- Green Teacher (Samvedna Sharma )

Every tree is a brilliant green Teacher
An honest Magnificient wisdom keeper
Scintillating with attractive deportment
Its Cool aura of sweet magniloquence
Assertive with awesome presence
Admirable silence of magnificence

A tree is a sincere teacher
Its always instructing to me
To learn and strive
To keep persistent behavior
To enrichment of knowledge
discover potential and englightment of my way.

Every tree is a great teacher in my life
Get help and learn from them
When hard time reveal
Worthy teacher through action change my vision.

A tree is a true counselling Psychologist
Secret of life is to keep confidential,
Consume negative feelings and pessimistic vibes
And to provide optimistic vibes along with long life ...

Calm and personification of wisdom
A Green great teacher you are sincere, empathetic and epitome of perceiver.

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