A Prayer

a poem by Nishu Mathur, India

I don't know of the travails
that my friends and family are facing
- the challenges that time brings
But you, dear Lord -
You know everything

I hear their silence
You hear their pleas

I know what they have
You know their needs

I see them content
You see them sacrifice

I see only answers
You read questions in their eyes

I see them laugh
You count their tears

I know of their dreams
You know their fears

I see them strong
You know their doubts

I see them on a rainbow
You see their clouds

So today, dear Lord
I ask of you and pray -
Help them; bless them
And guide them every day.

In these tough times, a prayer for everyone x

( inspired by a prayer that I had received on mail - the structure is the same but I have altered the words)

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