a poem by william andrews, Greece

My name is
don't have a clue
i graduated
from the university
of delusional thinking
i have a diploma
on speaking about
i don't officially
so i can safely say
I'm Qualified
to speak about
this subject
Comfort Zones
Every man woman
and child
have their own
there are many
different forms
and different names
for basically
the same thing
you have
being in the zone
which is generally
long distance runners
and cyclists
then you have
the zone of chi
which is mainly marshal artists
and those who practise
moving slow
then you have
the quietening of the mind
meditation if you will
and there is a list
a mile long
on how to achive that zone
then you have
the music zone
the chanting zone
the zombie drug zone
and the therapy zone
which is generally
painting drawing
or building things
with match sticks
i.e comfort zones
there are a few that one and all
have experienced in ones life time
slipping into the zone
looking into the mirror
being drawn
to those eyes
a deep breath
a little shake
ten minutes
has flown by
or relaxing
in your chair
half an hour has disappeared
then you have
those trendy words
safe space
for those who are
weak willed
those who are thin skinned
those who constantly look
to be offended
and last but not least
those who believe they are good
at sword fighting with words
but when they are cornered
with logical reasoning
they run back to the herd
your invading my safe space
yet these people
do not understand
the true meaning of these words
that they scream
They do not have
a safe space
a comfort zone
or any zone
They do not even have
a comfort blanket
all these people have
is a panic room
where their stress
bitterness envy
psychological pain

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