And tell yourself, what did you learn

a poem by tobias kerins, UK

Our world went quiet, and silence pooled
Darkest times, where fear it ruled
Invisible killer, the enemy rose
Reign of terror, blows upon blows

Reaction was slow, the uptake missed
Hindsight gives, a terrible list
Rampant with pace, a savage soul
Destruction was, the ultimate goal

Creed and colour, it did not choose
Languages treated, with sad abuse
Borders broken, age and sex
Concern not for, what it affects

People they dropped, like proverbial flies
Was the world, about to capsize
Economies crashed, industry ceases
Would we be able, to pick up the pieces

Farmers and dustmen, and all the shopworkers
With military precision, crossed swords like Gurkhas
Doctors and nurses, and scientists too
They gave their all, fought black and blue

Drivers of lorries, the army and police
Efforts of these, they did not cease
Firemen intense, childcare too
Determination, of the selfless it grew

No emotion spared, no stone left unturned
Respect from many, to the few was earned
Many tears did flow, much grief was felt
Covid19, the venom was dealt

So look in the mirror, if the corner we turn
And tell yourself, what did you learn
You can't do a job, without being given the tools
It's a wake up call, let's change the rules

Stay at Home, that important phrase
Should be observed, for all these days
Save lives, and protect the NHS
Otherwise checkmate, in this game of chess

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