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Many wonders are taking place,
In this stupendous world of ours,
For which we can find no reasons,
But still, they happen before our eyes.

In one’s life, how much one has learnt,
The Poetess Avvyar says in her couplet,
“It’s that much of the handful sands,
Yet to learn is the world-full-sands.”

For the reason, each sand has a tale to tell,
Where it was born and then came to settle,
It was made of what kind of material,
And how it fills this earth and is useful?

Also he says, “If there’s a good man,
For his sake, for all, pours the rain,”
Thus benefitting the entire world,
Consisting of people, good and bad.

So, the world is a book by itself,
To study this big book in a single life
May not be sufficient to complete,
Also, it is next to impossible, in fact.

The silent majority of the world
Are good, but aren’t seen outside,
But the much spoken of minorities,
May not follow similar moral values.

For a Saint like Sai Baba anything,
Easy or hard task, it means nothing,
As a God’s gift to him, he takes it,
And with equanimity he does it.

A man going in the hot sun indeed
Knows well the value of shade,
Similarly, Saints’ lives remain hard,
Only to have a close touch with God.

The simple life of Sai Baba teaches
Everyone “What’s kindness” means,
Who will, in his turn, show kindness
Always to all God’s creations.

He had himself many times exhibited,
That he was a messenger sent by God,
To say religions run in different paths
But “God is one” every religion means.

Sometimes he said, “Allah hu Akbar,”
Another time quoted from Bhagavad Gita
He showed himself to be a Krishna,
When someone wanted to go to Dwaraka.


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