Where Am I?

a poem by R. Anthony H. Rock, Canada

Leaders grasp monarchical power.
Pandemic races across land,
Divisions made, lines are drawn.
War is close at Hand."

Greed's corrupt 'n' darkened souls,
Align 'gainst an innocent stand.
Mass v Class, lines are drawn;
War is close at Hand.

Wealth, Power, Political Scrooge,
Agendas are Life-aged, planned.
The Battle Three, recall for thee;
War is close at Hand.

Isolated, families, all alone,
No defense prepared, nor manned.
Despots seethe, mouths of foam;
War is close at Hand.

Pandemic rides without restraint,
Brother Death stretch forth a hand.
Famine creeps behind those lines drawn
Means War is close at Hand

Decades came and flowed well past
Your ilk destroyed air sea and land.
Divided that, not yours to own;
Thus, War is close at Hand.

New Lines are drawn in Earth sand,
Renew Civil and Cold Wars close at hand.
Conflict and Battles rage, far and wide,
Across ravaged lands, ye Horsemen Ride.

"You were warned centuries ago, these days would come."

© copyright R Anthony H. Rock
April 07th, 2020 (edited May 26th. 2020)

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