Zesty Alphabet

a poem by R. Anthony H. Rock, Canada

"A" is for Amoré, in each and every way.
"B" is for your Beauty, brightens up each day.
"C" is for Compassion, sometimes we all are weak.
"D" is for a Dalliance, a game of "Hide and Seek."
"E" for effervescence, you bubble over with glee.
"F" is for Femininity's wile, behold a heart quite free.
"G" for Generous, and Gentle, abound within your soul.
"H" for Heartbeats pounding, heavenly bell match the toll.
"I" is for Illusion, Imagination, glimpse your precious face.
"J" is for Jubilation, the Joy within your grace.
"K" stands forth for Karma, each other's Yang and Yin.
"L" is for Laughter and Loyalty, and all the Love your bring.
"M" is filled with Memories, times bad and good, rejoice.
"N" is for the Nightingale song, that whispers in your voice.
"O" for One and Only, Omnipresent in dreams by night.
"P" shall stand for Paradise, anywhere our love takes flight.
"Q" my Quest to keep you safe, the love for you e'er true.
"R" for Rapture's Restlessness, when I'm far away from you.
"S" for Salvation's Sanity, my woes be gone, they flee.
"T" for Trust, and Truthfulness, forever, all may see.
"U" holds forth, Undying Love, a thing unique and rare.
"V" is Vulnerability, to jealousy from those beyond our pair.
"W" for Wings of pearl and white, soar thru clouds of Hope.
"X" for Xeno, Xenophobe, the love we share will cope.
"Y" for You and only You, your heart and mine entwine.
"Z", my Zesty Alphabet for those in Love divine.

© copyright R. Anthony H. Rock
Nov. 26th, 2003

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