Knowing 2 Fathers

a poem by R. Anthony H. Rock, Canada

Sit his lap, to hear his words,
His nightly kiss, woken by birds,
Safety, love, understanding, peace,
In his grace, these things ne'er cease.
Knowledge gained, an enlightened reach,
Stories and parables, how to teach,
My love for him ne'er fail,
A task given, my Holy Grail.

Stands in his shadow, wisdom's Smile,
See his light, each step a mile,
Learn what I can, heed no lie,
Everlasting life, when I die.

Alas, again to sit in lap of Light.
Ilk and kind, hear my plight,
Follow the rule, single true,
Live in harmony, not hard to do?

True rewards gain at Rapture's end,
Forsake evil, goodness ne'er bend.
Two Fathers I've had , a total life,
Both taught lessons, avoid strife.

Each, I've loved in separate ways
Together, set my path, sunlit rays.
First to guide a mortal whole,
Everlasting guides, immortal soul.

A Rock to build on, point the way,
Spiritual King, each heavenly day.
Knowing my Father, makes me proud;
While other sits a throne, in cloud.

© copyright R. Anthony H.Rock

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