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“Life’s not as expected,” groaned the dismayed young man,
“Walked down with courage the thorny prickly path,
Shattered ambitions, yet valour undeterred,
Struggles never-ending, the Faith unshattered.”

“A life well-lived,” grinned the delighted old man,
“Walked down with faith the enlightened path,
Received gladly the gifts showered upon,
By the grace of the ever-loving kind-hearted Divine.”

“Strife stricken world, conflicts all around,
No calm no peace in heart nor around,”
Moaned and whined, the young man sobbed and cried,
“Wherein lies the bliss much talked about?”

“Here I reach to the climax of my tale,” rejoiced the old man,
"The deeds, the toil, the sweat, the service,
Elevating the soul to the highest realms,
Fulfilled gratified to the heart’s content I am.”

"Love thy work, follow the Divine Decree," advised the wise old man,
"Judge not any, accept people as they are,
Enjoy thy stay on the Heavenly Earth,
Cheerfully alight as The Falling Leaf !"

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