Beneath Thy Feet

a poem by R. Anthony H. Rock, Canada

W here lay the heroes of the Past?
They lay beneath thy feet.
Where heroes and villains battled last,
There beneath your feet.

Green, the grass and flowers grow,
Soft beneath thy feet.
Fallen arrows, swords, and bullets throw,
Buried beneath one's feet.

Soil once soaked in crimson red,
Dark beneath thy feet,
Soldiers dread and innocence fled
Lost beneath thy feet.

Wars, conflict, they skirmished here,
On land beneath one's feet.
Oil, resources and riches rare,
Found beneath one's feet.

Take thy steps with tender care,
Earth paved beneath thy feet,
Create unnatural landscape there,
Once soft beneath your feet.

Hues of land, reflected skin,
Lay beneath thy feet.
Rich once, fades in colour grows thin,
Trampled beneath our feet.

In soil all things come to Life.
A garden beneath thy feet,
Labours there, suffer in strife,
Death lay beneath they feet.

© copyright R Anthony H. Rock

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