a poem by R. Anthony H. Rock, Canada

He who toils alone, without
To reap what he hath sown;
Shares all he hath with those in need,
In death, ne'er be alone.

He with wealth through another's toil,
Reaps not, what hath been sown;
Shares not a wit or merest bit,
In death, the soil may moan.

Earn what ye can with sweat and tear,
Fruitful, where thy blood is thrown,
Shared twixt all, that none e'er need,
need never build a throne

In Avarice, Greed in toil not yours,
Reaped all a stranger's sown;
Build your throne and kingdoms here,
Dine on Rock and Stone.

© copyright R. Anthony H. Rock

A Lion's Roar, Prose & Verse

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