a poem by R. Anthony H. Rock, Canada

A search for justice, beckons one and all.
Justice in lies, illusions, big and small.
Justice for those pure of heart.
Something for the oppressed, a new start.
For the blind of spirit, is justice light?
A light in darkness, gives true sight.
Thou parted and gone, look down and smile.
What justice for those, can't walk a mile?
Level the scales, hands held high.
Hear ye, hear ye, does justice draw nigh?
Man, his own judge, unbalanced and flawed.
Pick at the bones, whence vultures clawed.
In mortal decision, clouded truth doth hide.
What justice denies, the truth cannot abide.
Blind is to justice, all men doth share.
Is true, justice done, does man really care?
Ye married to dust, will justice be theirs?
Bring light to the dark, such truth in arrears.
In birth to death, justice will not be kind.
To the last honest man, Justice is never blind.

© copyright R. Anthony H. Rock

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