Father's Day

a poem by R. Anthony H. Rock, Canada

Countless prayers reach Heavens gates,
Strewn cross space and time.
On the morn of Father's Day
Forgiveness in their rhyme.

Among the men, live and dead,
Beat Drum, Call Angels Forth.
Search your souls; account your lives,
What aid to all since Birth?

My Words reach up to Fathers; two,
The mortal man's devotion and love.
The other sits a Heavenly Throne,
My soul takes wing, White Dove.

Of words in prayer to Fathers two,
Both spirits, doth make me whole.
The first, set my feet upon the road,
Holy Spirit my task and role.

On Father's Day; what words could say,
The things I feel inside?
For my creators, Heaven and Earth,
By their Will abide.

© copyright R. Anthony H. Rock

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