2020's Message

a poem by Chad Martinez, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

To know how lucky we are
To be the perfect distance from a perfect Star,

For life, for each breath
Each dream and each vision
We are here for reasons yet unseen
For a father gives a fathers light
And science shall save the day.
But science needs time,
Time that only seclusion can buy us.
The trust should be high in those who understand the urgency to slow the whole world down, there is pain and heartache in donning that gown

When touched by the tragedy
we know that this is real,
when the numbers come in 4 and a half million positive cases and nearly 300,000 plus down, now in their final resting places it should be enough to change how we live until there is a cure.
But at the same time I undestand there is no cure for AIDS and yet the world still goes on. People die from the flu, trust me, that story too is no fun. Malaria kills millions but the world hardly realizes the struggles people go through on the great African Continent.
Will a pandemic at home bring forth an renewed cooperation?
Only time will tell, and time will reveal how it is we are to deal with this new enemy we now face; and it will all go down as we witness and worry,
because we will write the world's history and if we don't do what we can to contain this COVID-19 outbreak then history may never forgive us.
Our efforts now are what will carry us to victory
But no battle ever fought has been easy.

The news is not fake,
this crisis is unjust to workers and shoppers and business owners,
but time will heal us, time will give us the answers, So our jobs now are to take care of one another.
Cherish these times and when we can safely again go on as normal, the workers will go back to work and the shoppers will be back out in force.
But right now it's unsafe out there as they learn more and more about the virus.

Give the doctors and scientists time to figure this out.
Stay home and for a few months enjoy the new temporary normal.

May God Bless Us All.
May peace reign all over the world.
That is my message sent from 2020.

May 11, 2020

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