THERE ARE STARS – Haibun Poetry

a poem by Adam Archer, Australia

There are stars and there are super stars. Our primitive preoccupation to challenge the study of stellar evolution became a nocturnal ceremony for our ancestors. What piques our interest today, and to cast our viewfinders skyward is not dissimilar from our ancestry. Theirs was a driver of curiosities; to gain an understanding. Ours is driven by exploration, but the curiosity remains the same. Our affinity for it has not since diminished.

We, as the descendants would not have failed them. For millennia we find ourselves probing the final frontier. Why space exploration? The suspense of being on the threshold of a new discovery alters our knowledge about our first origins – this magnetises the wonder. Our ability to uncover such cosmic secrets has superseded ground-to-ether discovery. The placement of optics in earth’s outer atmosphere and those propelling the outer reaches of the Kuiper belt view the cosmos from the cosmos, by return data. This permits humanity the uniqueness of surveying the preponderance of space in its existing state.

Is it then possible to postulate the hypothesis that stargazing may be termed a form of time travel into the past? Consider – observing cosmic epochs is akin to gazing into the past. As light takes time to travel from its source, we see it not in real time but as it were created. In principle, the observable universe enables us to witness history – in the making. These illuminated bodies, and dark matter, communicate in a language predating time. Distances so vast they are measured by time.


My love for her will
Outlive the very last star
That mirrors her eyes

© Adam Archer 2020

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