Baby, Let's Go up to the Ridge

a poem by Dhal Bahadur Jirel 'Ravi', Nepal

Baby, let's go up to the ridge
Over there on the rock
We'll sit close to each other
Looking each other deep into eyes
And will embrace tight
Solitude moonlight night
Emerald sky like a lake
The stars twinkling bright
Cool blowing breeze on the lea
Come, let's go up the hill
And let's roll in one ball
Hiding from envious eyes
Forgetting the past day
Let's dissolve to be one
The night is adorned with
The queens of the night
Let's go up the hill
We'll go talking silently
The words of heart
Written by each beat
Lying on the wild flower bed
Blooming on the green grass
Wearing soft dew drops
Come, let's go up the hill
We will seduce each other tonight
Till the world is in deep slumber
Till the moon reigns the world.

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