Where do I stand

a poem by Reginold Ajay Jacob, India

Place value and face value,
Maths, hats off to you,
It's now, I understand,
You were, definitely so true.

In this world, we have such values,
Place value, and face value,
As there are no other values,
The world has lost its values.

What's, the value, of a man,
Again it's, place value,
Sometimes, if you are blessed,
You may also have a face value,

In this world of values,
Where do I stand,
Zero is also a value,
If you can understand.

Yet my presence,
Makes the system move,
Without me, even maths can't move,
If you have the guts, refuse.

Note- Everybody is important, even maths the most practical subject can't refuse this.
You and I will always remain important for anything he has made is always important.

R.A Jacob

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