As Morning now Awakes

a poem by Dwayne Leon Rankin, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

The morning sun now rises,
.....out o’er the eastern sea.
It brings then forth a beauty
.....across the land below.
Then comes that morning rain,
.....that falls upon the earth,
As the shadows of the eve,
.....then fades into the day.
The sun then shines its light,
.....across each rain soaked tree;
As ‘cross the land, its warmth;
.....the sun, its warmth doth flow.
The flow’rs; they reach to touch
.....the sun in its rebirth;
As, those flow’rs, it softly kisses,
.....and melts those drops away.
The world then comes alive, the sun shines ever bright,
Across the sky above, now seen as azure blue.
The sun shines forth in glory,
.....this brand new day of spring.
Down on each field and stream, daylight on them, brakes.
As then across the sky,
.....are seen bright clouds so white.
Upon this day now seen;
.....that sky now born anew.
Then as the sunlight gleams,
.....the birds together sing.
For daylight now has come. morning now awakes.

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