A Desperate Cry

a poem by Emmanuel Odame, Ghana

I have played many songs
I've heard a lot of music
With the lyrics so strong
In hard times I learned to use it

But now none of these seem to work
Glued to my TV watching motivational videos
A lot about what great men did or said
But the content matters no longer; whether TV or stereo.

I've faught a lot of battles
I've been through all the wars
Keeps me fortified like a castle
Experience brings comfort to every loss.

But sometimes I do the very same things
That have kept my troubles piled up
I already know the repercussions of my actions
These conflicting desires keep my face lined up.

I've read many books
I've listened to a lot of stories
Following the imaginary path they took
The authors' creativity, lessens my worries

As a kid I had great expectations
But as I grow, I feel I've lost my potential
Like an angel succumbing to a demon's temptations,
I take a pen to write things that might be negatively consequential.

So pray for me that I'm never lost
I believe in eternity,
I believe in God.
He'll heal my infirmities
There's power in the Cross.

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