a poem by Dale Costello, Australia - poetry writer, author, poet

I find mementos
that remind me of my grandfathers’ tears
and the wife he couldn’t remember
but for love and brave misery..
I find myself searching foggy streets
for hours in shoes stripped clean
knowing how many doors and windows
my broken mind could not retain.
I find a thing or a thought
or a coincidence.. I steal solace in the
solitary hours in between it all
but mostly I find the rain

I have searched Earth up and down
while standing in one place
screamed every blue obscenity
a smile plastered on my face
I have whittled down the energy
that burns too bright sometimes
torn apart the sky for stars
as I wrecked my heart upon just signs
yet occasionally beauty would linger
while clouds and wind would strain
and she’d whisper quietly of rivers
where I’d find her in the rain

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