Zenith of Truth

a poem by R. Anthony H. Rock, Canada

Open orbs, once cold and blind.
A tear falls, drifts, soft and kind.
Images form, within a mist entwined.
Open eyes, let the truth unwind.

Breathe in essence, ear to grind.
Glimpse ones past, history rewind.
Phantoms dance, o'er stage unkind.
Truth and light, both yours to find.

Peel life's fruit, remove the rind.
Uncover such sinew, the ties that bind.
A bone of truth, around, lies wind
On this skeleton, the vultures dined.

In words o' blood, truth contract, signed
In futile search for this I've pined.
Lies echo, vibrate, get thee behind.
In light, saturate one's soul and mind.

┬ęcopyright R. Anthony H. Rock
(Written Nov. 26th 2003)

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