a poem by Eisha Gohil, India

Losing many times, to find ‘me’ again and again
Indeed, it is a difficult task
Becoming a reflection is easy,
But finding a person to hold a mirror for you is difficult….
Becoming a shadow is easy,
But searching that ray of abundant sunshine is difficult….
I do not know what I seek,
And seeking something unknown is difficult….
There is an emptiness in every heart
Residing in someone’s heart is easy…
But sewing the gaps and filling the space is difficult…
If he desires,I could be a rain to a desert.....
Being water for a dry land is easy…
But to quench someone’s thirst is difficult…
The dilemma of being with mind and being with heart never ends,
And even if it ends,
It leads to nowhere
It makes you, it breaks you, transforms you
To create you once again….
Death is certain, but dying many times in this ephemeral existence is difficult....
And yes search never ends,
It continues like day and night…
Inside you, outside you….
Damaging, destroying, churning and polishing the material ‘me’
Turning into bits is easy…..
Building everyday out of those broken pieces is difficult…..
It is difficult to seek the depth of 'me'...
Losing many times, to find ‘me’ again and again is difficult…..

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