Like Attracts Like

a poem by william andrews, Greece

Psychologically speaking
i still haven't learned
the art of walking
unaided undirected
without a crutch
to acquire the ability
to walk alone
it's not Easy
it's Hard
in this day and age
where there are
so many
group herd people
i can choose from
and in my years
i've joined a few
within these groups
i've met intelligent
the unintelligent
the ignorant
the weak willed
the poor me
the wannabes
and the bitter people
no matter the names
they give them self's
there is one name
that fits all
these group herd people
It is
what they are
we are encouraged
not to have friends
outside of the herd
that could bring in
all types of diseases
the most lethal
is different opinions
Combined with
logical reasoning
there is
No cure
if you speak
you will be laughed at
treated with contempt
and burnt at the stake
in our
global town square
and there are those
within the herd
who are encouraged
to smell out
to track down
to ingage
to persuade
the lost
the bitter
the lonely
the weak willed
to join their herd
for them
their not looking
for new energy
new blood
they want more of the same
foot soldiers
cannon fodder
collateral damage
for their perceived
End game
but there are those
within the herds
within these cults
and there are many
who like me
deep down inside
never a word said
this is wrong
I forgot
the age old saying
like attracts like
but first
i must walk alone
through the valley
of negative energy
through the trials
and tribulations
of my life
though the times
when i
have to acknowledge
when i'am wrong
through the pain
of all the fighting
within my mind
to walk the path
of what i feel
i must be strong
to Remember
i will not be walking
scared and alone
for long

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