Who will remember me

a poem by Maryann Bosah, UK

I am just another teen living in London
Seeking a voice,looking for choice
Searching,believing and hoping in a better tomorrow
Where there is no more sorrow
Where sunshine follows

I hear the cries from friends close by
Is this a dream? Am I making a scene?
I see the fear in their eyes,I wonder if they can see mine?

My body jerks, the feeling burns
I want to run but it's hard to turn
School says we have around 5 to 6 pints of blood
I wonder how much it takes to die
I should have paid attention
Daddy always said that knowledge makes a difference

I really want to ask,but my mouth feels dry.
It's getting harder to breathe
And there's nothing more to say

The time has come and there's no goodbyes
I leave behind my hope, my dreams and aspirations
And I wonder if I'll make the BBC news

Who will remember me. Copyright (c) Maryann Bosah 2019.All rights reserved

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