Jonah and his mission

a poem by Faten Makram Ishak, Egypt - poetry writer, author, poet

God ordered jonah to go
And warn his people to stop sin
But he ran from lord's face
And took a ship to tarshish
But in fact there is no place
on earth that god cannot reach

God sent a big storm
So that mariners coldn't stand
They started to scream and shout
Trying to reach a nearest land

One of them wake jonah up
And asked him to pray
And he told them it will stop
When they throw him away

After they threw him
He got swollwed by a whale
He spent three days in dim
And that was real not a tale

Jonah cried to god with no doubt
That he will quickly reply
And order the whale to get him out
To feel with sun again and sky

God ordered jonah again
But this time he didn't hesitate
Though he thought it was in vain
But repentance changed their fate

When jesus invites you for a mission
Just accept and don't flee
Follow his rules and vision
Accomplishing the devine plea

Faten makram

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