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A decade long battle left them exhausted,
Squeezing mettle, dusky vigour fading,
Tired warriors, planning failing,
Dejected lay the war songs ashore!

Wisest of the mighty Greeks,
Amidst the crisis, Odysseus smiled,
The perplexed troops his voice then heard,
‘Retreat shall we all, to Greece we return!’

‘Thou shall follow,’ as they were taught,
None dared to question the mighty Odysseus,
Faith or fear, the reasons aplenty,
‘Surrender? Shall we not better die?’

The smiles then widened, gleaming eyes,
Infectious as they are better known,
The smiles to grins to laughter turned,
Spreading cheer among the Greeks!

Fewer words, glances spoke,
Turning heads to the thunderous roar,
‘There comes, my friends, the parting gift,
As we, the Greeks, soon shall be home!’

To the Trojans was a messenger sent,
Hoping for ceasefire, peace at both ends,
Full throttle preparations to leave the Trojan land,
Boarding ships, dropping sails!

Behind they left a gift of love,
Friendship cordial, they meant to betray,
The fortress gate when opened wide,
An abrupt halt to the jubilant furore!

Lovable, adored, worshipped by all,
An offering to God Apollo and Goddess Athena,
From Cornel tree grove a masterpiece carved,
A giant hollow wooden horse!

Astonished by the structure huge,
Trojans gaped, as if wonder struck,
Touching the skies, to Heaven bound,
Stood there a horse with a Divine touch!

The greatest sculptor of all the times,
Epeius, as he is fondly remembered,
His heart and soul he drenched in love,
Creating the mightiest structure of all!

Mindlessly the Trojans held the reins to steer,
Giving the enemy’s gift an easy passage into Troy,
Ignoring the words thus spoken by,
Two wisest priests of the kingdom that lived!

Cassandra, Laocoon warned of consequences dire,
If the Horse was not burnt with effect immediate,
‘Trust not the Horse, O Trojans, whatever it is,
I fear the enemy even bearing gifts!’

Resulting in the execution of both,
For the truth they spoke, their unflinching views,
Success when enveils, enmasks the mind,
Obscured and vague, the humans act!

Nightfall brought in their destiny adverse,
Opening the city gates, Odysseus let the Greeks creep in
Therein burnt the mighty kingdom,
Helpless, defeated, once unconquered Troy thus fell!

The quiet witness stood there stock-still,
The giant hollow wooden Trojan Horse!

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