From the Shadows of my Mind

a poem by Dwayne Leon Rankin, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

There is a softness to the music,
.....That comes to me this day.
Within each note that’s played,
.....That floats out on my way.

And the sorrows then, they mellow;
.....No more by them, entwined.
Gone then from in my heart;
.....From the shadows of my mind.

It takes away the darkness;
.....It brings the morning light.
And eases all my sorrows,
.....That’s found within the night.

The warmth I hear within each strain,
.....That comes with each soft note.
‘Tis like the warmth of morning;
.....That through the air doth float.

Then in the pattern of the music;
.....That melody of love.
My mind it soars on ever high;
.....Throughout the sky above.

For the joy that it brings me;
.....Within my heart, will stay.
In the pattern of the music...
.....That comes to me this day.

And so the sadness mellows;
No more within, entwined.
Gone from in my heart forever;
.....From the shadows of my mind.

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